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Dr. Dinesh Patel
Managing Director

Douglas S. Cooper, Principal - Corporate Finance Solutions

I have worked with Shelly Kaufman since 2003. Shelly is very knowledgeable in the areas of Human Resources, Office Management and Administration,Facilities, Accounting and Finance, Legal and Board of Directors affairs. Shelly is very proficient in getting tasks done and is capable of taking on numerous tasks/ assignments. Shelly prioritizes assignments accordingly and completes tasks
in a timely manner. Shelly is very professional and works well with all levels of personnel. Shelly is also very comfortable working with the Board of Directors, Investors, Bankers, etc. and handles herself well in these settings. From an accounting and finance perspective Shelly is very cabable of overseeing the day to day accounting, preparing monthly/annual financials, board reports and
internal management reports (such as budget vs actual) and handling monthly/ annual closes and financial audits. I highly recommend Shelly to any company who is serious about getting their day to day accounting in order so as to be able to produce internal data/reports to be used to manage the business, as well as external reporting for Board Members, Investors, Bankers, etc.

Janine Donald, Program Director – Splore, Inc.

Having worked with Marti Herbst for over two years, I give her my highest recommendation. In her time at Splore, Marti organized, streamlined and implemented systems and processes that will benefit the business for years.She brings critical thinking skills, a wealth of knowledge, a high sense of integrity and a great sense of humor to her work. Not only does she have the technical skills to do the job very adeptly, she is wonderful to work with as a person. Marti would be a valuable asset on any organization or business’ team. She will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

Brenda Mann, COO – SentrX Animal Care, Inc.

I have gotten to work with Marti for the past 6 years, and she has been such a pleasure. She is very organized and knowledgeable, and her personal and business connections have made her a very valuable resource. Marti is honest and hard-working, and extremely personable. She has always been willing to tackle any challenge, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone, particularly those trying to start a business.

Shirley Hansen - Baker Tanks

My name is Shirley Hansen and my husband Kerry and I started a business in 2000. Kerry deals with the customers and provides services and I take care of the office work including accounting.

Prior to starting our business, I had never done any office work, let alone accounting, so we decided to hire someone to teach me Quickbooks. The person we hired was no better than I was. I learned absolutely nothing, and my books were a mess.

We tried three other people after that with very similar results and I was beginning to think I would never learn Quickbooks. I was then told to contact Marti Herbst and was told how good she was. I decided to give her a call. After all, she couldn’t be any worse than the others I’d tried.

Contacting Marti was the best decision I have made in a very long time. She first cleaned up the mess I had in Quickbooks and then very patiently taught me how to use the program. Marti is one of the nicest people I have met and is a joy to work with. If I run into trouble she comes right over and not only fixes the problem, but shows me how to fix the problem myself. As a result I am slowly learning how to use Quickbooks and I am having fewer and fewer problems.


Marc White - Finance and Strategy Consultant (Feb 2011)

Marti Herbst consistently demonstrates strong administrative skills, emotional intelligence, and organization savvy. Coupled with her drive and work ethic, easy to see that she’ll add great value in a broad range of need situations.

Pamela Jacob, owner - Artista Design

I have worked with Marti off and on for over 10 years. She has always been the consummate professional. Marti is high energy and never misses a beat. When she works with a client, she is truly a partner with that company and sees to it that everything is done on time with precision. On top of that Marti gives superior customer service - what more could a company ask for.

I would recommend Red Hat Corporate Services to any company that needs what they have to offer, you will not be disappointed. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email me. or 801-910-4825


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